Exclusive to Animal Crackers - Harriet Glen Arab Stallion Horse Head bust in Cold Cast Bronze, fabulous horse lover sculpture/ ornament /figurine


Sale price£47.95


Cold Cast Bronze* Arab Stallion head bust designed by Harriet Glen.

Quality item with fantastic colour and attention to detail, making this an ideal gift or collectable for any Horse lover!

Ornament height approx. 15cm (6"), depth 17cm (6 3/4")

What is Cold Cast Bronze? "Cold Cast Bronze" is a technique used for making sculptures, it involves blending bronze powders with a specially formulated resin to produce a material which is applied to the interior of a silicone mould. The mould is then filled with a blend of resin and bronze metal powder, the sculpture is then left to set. The finished item has the same appealing look of a bronze sculpture, a cool feel and is weighted. All in all, a cold cast bronze sculpture is a piece of art produced for a fraction of the cost of solid bronze but still carrying the same incredible detail and design.

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