VERY POPULAR WITH SPARROWS! Large 47cm TRIPLE SPARROW BIRD HOUSE NEST BOX with 3 separate compartments, made from solid chunky wood with zinc roof


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Very popular with the sparrows - see our customer photo!

Quality heavy weight wooden horizontal Sparrow Flat/Box from the Fallen Fruits 'Best for Birds' range.

Made from chunky FSC-certified* wood in pale green wood preservative finish and a galvanised zinc roof, it is built to last.

These 'triple flat' Sparrow boxes are perfect nest boxes for sparrows who like to breed in colonies.
Help sparrows which have declined in recent years largely due to modern house building techniques which make it more difficult for sparrows to find traditional nesting places.

Fully opening front door gives access for easy cleaning at the end of the nesting season.

3 separate nesting compartments, each with entrance holes measuring 32 mm (1.26") diameter.

Suitable for the House sparrow, Eurasian tree sparrow, Great tit and Eurasian blue tit.

Hang in a quiet sheltered spot out of direct sunlight using the two easy hang holes on the rear (screws not provided).

Comes with info. label advising on best siting and care instructions - making this an ideal gift for any sparrow or other garden bird lover!

Sparrow flat measures: length 47cm (18 1/2") x height 22cm (8 1/2") x depth 17.5cm (6 3/4") all approx.

*FSC® 100% (All the timber or fibre in this product comes from an FSC certified forest. FSC certified forests are managed with consideration for people, wildlife and the environment. They are independently audited to meet FSC’s Principles and Criteria for Forest Management).

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