Chunky heavy wood Hedgehog house - breeding or hibernation shelter

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Help save our hedgehogs! Numbers are declining rapidly and we need your help to save them.
This chunky wood hedgehog house will provide a sanctuary, giving shelter for hibernating in winter and a safe space for breeding in the spring. Place in a safe sheltered spot, under a bush or in long grass, and ideally provide leaves for bedding material.
Large and roomy, suitable for a family of hedgehogs.
Made from 100% FSC wood with waterproof bitumen roof on both main house and entry extension.  
Comes with useful information label, making it an ideal hedgehog-lover gift!
Hedgehog house measurements:
Main house only - Roof dimensions incl overhang: length 37cm (14 1/2"),width: 30cm (12in), height 21cm (8 1/4").
Main house internal dimensions: 30cm x 22.5cm (12" x 8 7/8").
House including entry fully extended: 62cm (24 1/2").

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